Healthy and Fun Gift Boxes Perfect for all Occasions

We have gorgeous gift boxes for any occasion. Looking for a birthday gift, a thank you gift, a baby shower gift, or something to send ‘just because'?

Or, maybe you’re shopping to gift yourself something warm and comforting for some well-deserved self-care or ‘me-time’?

Regardless, we are so glad you found us, and we are certain you will find something perfect from our range of gorgeous pre-designed gift boxes.

Healthy lifestyle by using only natural or organic materials.


What you put in your body is the most important aspect of your health. That's why we choose only the highest quality products that meet our strict exclusionary ingredient policy. We read the labels for you, making sure everything from Healthy Surprise is good, and good for you.

Gourmet Gift Boxes

We’ve made holiday gifting easier with our complete range of gourmet gift boxes. These Gourmet Gift Boxes are curated with products that complement each other based on the theme, whether it is sweet or savory or healthy gourmet foods etc all from unique brands & creators both local and international.


We know how important gifting is; you want only the best for your recipient and you need the package delivered on time. Our customer service team is here for you whether you want advice on a gift basket, assistance with tracking, or if you have any questions at all - we're with you every step of the way.


Your order will be delivered 3-6 days after you place your order.

Yes, you can send to multiple recipients. You will find the option after you pick your boxes.

Yes, you can. You can either pick one of our messages, or you can customize yours.


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